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Best Painter and Decorator in Enfield

DIY tips to paint like a pro!

Painting a room, or multiple rooms, in your home can be a daunting task.  Most people opt to hire a professional to do the job.  However, hiring a professional is not always necessary.  If you are considering painting the interior of your home on your own, this article is for you.  Below we will discuss some DIY tips to paint like a pro.

Prepare the walls for painting

Before beginning your paint job, be sure to prepare your walls for the paint beforehand.  You can do this by cleaning the walls thoroughly and allowing them time to dry.  Also, inspect the walls for any holes or other repairs and make the repairs before painting as well.  Paint typically sticks better to a clean surface, so be sure to clean the walls as best as you can.

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Preparing the room

You also want to make sure you have your room prepared before you begin painting.  Be sure to tape off the edges of the walls and the windows and any other areas that you do not wish to paint.  You can purchase painters tape at any local hardware store, along with a tarp to cover the floor.  Covering the floor is very important, as you don’t want to drip paint on your carpet or hardwood/tile floors.  Also, you can cover doorknobs or light switches with plastic sandwich bags to insure these areas do not get paint on them as well.

Choosing and purchasing paint

Choose your colours wisely.  This means taking into consideration the size of your room and the amount of light that comes in.  For example, darker colours tend to make rooms look smaller, so it might be a good idea to paint a smaller room a lighter colour in order to prevent it from looking smaller.  Also remember that you will need to purchase primer to use before the paint colour goes on the walls.  Primer helps to cover up any colour that was already on the walls and also helps give the new paint job a smoother, cleaner look.  When purchasing your paint colour, it is wise to first measure the room and walls to determine how much paint will be needed.  Most experts say that one gallon of paint is needed per 400 square feet, so keep that in mind when purchasing your paint.

painter and decorator enfield

Tools and tips

You want to be sure and use the best tools possible while painting your walls.  Use an edge pad to insure that edges and corners come out looking professional and smooth.  Also, for larger surfaces such as walls, use a roller instead of a brush.  Rollers can cover more area at a time and you can work more quickly.  Also, once you have painted an area and it has started to dry, try not to go back over it with the roller even if you notice mistakes.  Painting over an area that is already drying can cause lines and streaks.