Painting and Decorating to match your Budget


If all or part of your home needs decorating, the professionals at Absolute can always help you, no matter how large or small your budget may be. We can tailor our work according to your budget, because we can vary the level of services to meet your needs as well as your purse-strings.


Gold Level Service

In an ideal world, we would always strip off any old wallpaper, line the walls and then paint them. With paintwork, we would apply two coats of undercoat, sand in between coats, and finish with a top coat. This combination provides the perfect finish which will last a long time. It also works well in the long-term, not only because it will last, but also because no extra work will be necessary whenever you want to change the colour. You’ll only need to repaint everything, as the surfaces will still be ideal. This is our Gold level of service.


Bronze Level Service

For those on a tight budget, including pensioners, we have our more basic Bronze level of service, which is very reasonably priced. Although it is not going to last 20 years, it does give everyone a chance to have a professional finish to their painting without having to revert to a do-it-yourself job or even worse, having to forego the chance to brighten up a room or the whole home.


Silver Level Service

In between these two, we have our Silver level of service. This is not a basic service but it’s not the luxury one either, which is reflected in the price. For the Silver service, we remove the old wallpaper but we don’t line the walls, although they are sealed before we paint them. The woodwork will be sanded with one undercoat and one top coat.


Whatever painting and decorating you would like done and whatever kind of budget you have, Absolute Decorating always has a solution. If you have any questions or you would like a quotation for some painting and decorating, give us a call on 07976 404742.


Primer comes before paint.
Primer brings out the paint’s true colour. DON’T SKIP THIS PART!

Painter and Decorator in Enfield

Paint like a pro.
Use an edge pad for clean lines around doorframes, ceiling edges and corners so your walls look professional.

Create a sticky situation.
Paint won’t stick to the wall if you haven’t taken the time to prep. The surface must be clean, non-glossy and in good condition.

Dry days make good painting days.
Skip the wet and humid afternoon paint project and slow drying walls won’t wreck the rest of your day.

Put your sandwich bags to work.
Slip a small plastic bag over your doorknobs, handles and features as well as taping the edge to avoid getting paint in places it wasn’t meant to go.

Out with the old.
If the old paint on your wall is flaking off, it’s a good idea get it out of the way. Sand the surface smooth, prime and your new paint will look great.

Don’t look back.
Going back over a wet surface can leave marks and colour streaks in the paint’s surface.

Take away the shine.
Paint doesn’t always adhere to glossy surfaces. Using a light grade sandpaper to take the gloss off the surface will allow your new paint to stick like it should.

Turn in the brush.
Small rooms can feel gigantic when it comes to painting. Using a roller can cut painting time.

Painter and Decorator in Enfield

Patience is a virtue.
Make sure everything is dry, then sand smooth, prime, and you’ll have a surface good enough for any pro.


If you require any professional services, including; painting, decorating, interior work, exterior, please get in touch. Call us now for a FREE quote on 07976 404742. The professional painting and decorating company in Enfield.

To keep your home’s exterior looking its best—and prolong its life—experts recommend painting every five years or so.

Preparing the Exterior Surface for Painting

Here’s the step-by-step process for proper surface preparation which gives you the best results and a longer lasting paint job.

1. Power Wash The Surface

A power washer is the best way to eliminate dirt and peeling/flaking paint from most types of siding. (Do not power wash stucco since it can destroy the surface in seconds.) Keep the spray wand at least 12 in. from the siding to prevent surface gouging. Don’t spray up under the siding flaps. Don’t use it to clean windows: it will break the glass. Always wear eye protection; never spray on a windy day. For the cleanest surface, use a good cleaning agent with the power washer, such as TSP or an all-purpose cleaner. Once the cleaning agent has been applied, rinse the surface with the power washer using water only.

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2. Scrape Off Loose Paint

Since a power washer will not eliminate all loose paint, scrape loose and flaking paint down to bare wood. If the paint cannot be removed it’s most likely bonded to the wood, so it can be painted over. After scraping, sand or “feather” the edge between the scraped areas and the bare wood until it’s smooth.


3. Fill Nicks And Gouges

To fix surface imperfections, fill areas where bare wood is much lower than the paint (nicks, gouges, etc.) with an exterior-grade surfacing compound. Allow the compound to dry according to the manufacturer’s directions. Then sand smooth with medium (100-grit) sandpaper.


4. Caulk Joints And Gaps

To ensure a good-looking paint job and to prevent water penetration and indoor drafts, caulk all joints where the siding meets the windows, door trim and other openings. Use a paintable acrylic latex or silicone acrylic caulk, but be sure to remove old caulk before caulking each area. Don’t forget to caulk around outdoor electrical boxes, outdoor water faucets and exterior lights; caulk under door thresholds and window sills.


5. Re-putty Window Glass

Re-putty any windows where the glazing compound is cracked or missing. Be sure to remove any old putty (and try to get down to the bare wood of the sash). Use an artist’s brush and an oil-based primer to prime the bare wood. After the primer dries, apply a new bead of glazing compound. Follow directions on the glazing compound container for specific drying times before starting to paint.


6. Prime All Bare Wood

New paint will not adhere without proper priming. So prime all bare wood, scraped/sanded areas, and all areas filled with surfacing compound. When in doubt about a surface, prime. To ensure better coverage of the topcoat, have Lowe’s tint the primer to a colour that’s identical or close to the topcoat.


Wear a good-quality face mask designed to filter out lead particles. Inexpensive dust masks won’t do the job. Lead-filtering masks and replacement filter cartridges are available at Lowe’s, or from safety equipment dealers.

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Wear old clothes that can be thrown away.

Use dropcloths to catch as many paint chips as possible and then dispose of them properly.

Most people look online and in the papers for potential new home, so the pictures and the price are a real eye catcher. The right colour of paint can bring in the buyers!

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Rumour has it that we are supposed to use neutral colours, but does anyone know why? They sit in the background and do not get noticed, making your house invisible to the potential buyers.

If you have trouble selecting a suitable but out-of-the-box colour, you could always ask a professional painter and decorator to help you choose. Absolute Decorating are always happy to help you pick and choose what you need to spruce up any home. We complete work in the Enfield and surrounding areas. Manufacturers have ready made pallets for you to choose from.

If you live in an area that regularly sees sunshine, aim for the brighter colours so your house can shine and be noticed by all passers by.

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An important detail when painting is the prep work. If you want a good paint job, you have to prep the surface first. Things like filling in cracks will make the outside look newly refurbished when you are finished.

You can give furniture new life with a fresh coat of paint. You can also change the ‘mood’ or ambiance of a room by changing the colour of furniture or adding a new piece of furniture.

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When deciding what colour you should paint a piece of furniture, one thing to consider is the theme of your room.

Also, look at coming up with ideas from your own inspirations. Do you have a favourite colour that you would like to incorporate into a room?

Also, your personal tastes, such as do you like colours that match or are part of a particular colour scheme, or do you like a variety of colours? You should first consider your project, what you want to achieve, and find your inspiration for the piece of furniture that you are going to paint.


If you have a piece of furniture that you want to really bring attention to, consider painting it a bright colour or a colour that will stand out from the rest of your furniture.

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Another option, if you are looking for a unified look, it too paint furniture with a particular colour scheme that unifies your room. You should also keep in mind when choosing colour hues, that darker colours on furniture will make the piece seem larger and that could not be good for smaller spaces. Lighter colour are usually best for small spaces, as well as perhaps a bright eye-catching colour.

Whether you’re prepping your home for market or improving your new purchase, nothing brightens a home like a fresh coat of paint. These signs mean it’s time for a paint job:

Chalking: A formation of fine powder on paint surfaces that can cause color fading if left unchecked.

Scaling or cracking: Often caused by multiple layers of old paint, the only remedy is complete removal.

Flaking: loosened peeling paint chips.

Alligatoring: Deep fissures caused by long-term cracking. Complete removal is the only treatment.

Lead threats: A health hazard, immediately remove lead paint.


Loose caulking: Avoid rotting and disrepair by checking window panes and doorframes.


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