Do you need a helping hand with your Halloween decorations this year? Let the professional painters & decorators from Enfield help you out!

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Hand Painted Plates

Are you having people over for a party or meal? A less expensive way of creating decorations is by hand painting plates for the walls & to use as, well, plates! Just take some paper plates and paint and create some ants, spiders & creepy crawleys.


Ghost Slipcover

You can take an old sheet and cut up it to make it as a cloth to hang over a chair to give your dining room table a ghostly appearance.

painter and decorator enfield


All you need is trash bags and some stuffing. Fill each trash bag with newspaper and then tie them together to create a creepy spider!


Ghost Walkway

Take some old milk & decorate ghost faces on the front of them and then place some lights inside of them. Use the lighted ghost faces to create a walkway up your stairs or by the front door.


Skeleton Hands

Popcorn & transparent plastic gloves! On the gloves decorate skeleton hands and then fill them with popcorn to showcase on your table.


Scary enough for you Enfield?! If you need any post-Halloween help with your painting and decorating needs, please do not hesitate to call Absolute Decorating, Enfield’s professional painting & decorating company. Call us on 0797 6404742 for a FREE quote!

painter and decorator enfield