Tiny spaces aren’t bad things – in fact, we love them here at Absolute Decorating Enfield!

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Finding room to function in such a small spot is not always so easy. The decorating rules that apply to other rooms go out the window when space is tight, and it takes major creativity to fit everything in. Here are some Painting and Decorating Tips to make the most of your Small Space.

Steer clear of these common mistakes;

Think horizontally, not vertically. Choose a vertical wardrobe instead of the typical horizontal dresser for your clothes, and take advantage of wall space with floating shelves.

Since when are side tables just side tables? Invest in double-duty furniture and your small space will thank you.

Propping your bed on risers is the easiest, cheapest way to free up storage space on the floor.

Light hues create the illusion of more space, as do mirrors.

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Among the newest shades of colour for Spring 2015, is a tropical collection of blues, aqua and azure that ally with a rich navy and an understated bright green. So, how do you add the newest colours into your home?

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Cast aside the idea that you need to paint the whole room and consider painting a feature wall – quick, easy and on-trend! Using these new colours and using them as a feature for the decor – cushions, lamps, drapes, whatever you want!

Blend these with your brand new feature wall and make your room feel fresh and new. In the kitchen features such as table runners, ceramic pieces, coloured glass pieces, and tea towels can be used to sprinkle in some of that new spring feeling.

For those who want to go bigger with the new trends – updating a backsplash with tiles in trending colours makes a powerful statement.

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Perhaps the easiest spaces to bring in the newest tones are in bedrooms and bathrooms –bed linens, towels and floor mats can create eye-catching appeal in just a few minutes.


If you need help with any of your painting and decorating need in Enfield and surrounding areas, give Enfield’s best Painters and Decorators, Absolute Decorating, a call on 0797 6404742.

Bold front doors are bursting onto the home scene. Bright colours are here to make a statement, and even homeowners in more traditional areas are embracing the trend.

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Painting a front door is like picking a necklace to go with your outfit. Bold colours show an adventurous side and give off that there is excitement within!

The colour of your door can affect the feeling a visitor towards entering your house. This could be calmness, excitement, or possibly even fear (with a bad paint job!)

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If you want to paint your front door a bright colour, take the finish down a notch and opt for satin exterior paint.

Consider your area’s style. You can be the first on the cul-de-sac to do something bold, but ask for input from your association if you have one.


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It’s nuts how simply applying a few coats of paint can update the look of a room so quickly! With many colours to choose from DIY improvements become relatively easy, painting can quickly and cheaply give your space an instant pick me up.

Before you dip your brush to paint, make sure you have done all the prep work! If you don’t remove the dirt and other debris from your walls, all your hard work painting will not pay off.
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It’s tempting to buy the cheapest paint –  but if you’re buying paint solely based on price, you may end up spending more in the long run. Cheaper paint may require more coats of paint and a lot more work! Try do get a paint which includes it’s own primer.

It may sound like a common sense tip but with a lot of your things moved around and a focus on painting, it can be easy to accidentally knock over the tin of paint while working. This is obviously a big waste of paint and money!
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Chances are that you’ll live to paint another day – so make sure you take care of your supplies, especially at clean up time! Washing brushes, rollers, and containers as directed with soap and water or mineral spirits based on the directions. Reseal containers so paint stays in usable condition for touch-ups or new painting projects down the road.

Kitchen and bathroom renovations often offer the highest rate of return in the home, but you don’t need a total overhaul to make these rooms look more attractive. Old plumbing fixtures can make a room feel dated. By merely replacing faucets and knobs you can make the kitchen feel more modern for the cost of a few hundred dollars. Of course, you can replace more than just the plumbing fixtures. Door knobs, light switch plates, wall outlet covers and light fixtures can also be updated to give your home a fresh look.

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If your home is on the smaller side, you’ll want to improve your storage options to make the place feel more spacious. To start with, if you haven’t moved out yet, don’t let your own clutter make the place feel cramped. House hunters will want to see what their storage options are before they buy, so make sure the areas beneath stairs and crawl spaces are clear, and empty the garage of junk before you start showing the home.

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To improve storage inside the home, consider adding built-in shelving into closets and crawl spaces. To improve storage outside, a prefabricated shed isn’t much more difficult to put together than piece of Ikea furniture and only costs a few hundred dollars. Bathrooms are also a big selling point for homes and you can improve the look and storage options in yours with a bathroom vanity cabinet.

Giving your home a fresh coat of paint is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to revamp your space and get a whole new look. That is unless you’re doing it all wrong. But, a quality paint job is easy to achieve — when you prepare the surface correctly and use the right tools and products.

We’ve rounded up the most common painting mistakes that you may be making as well as simple fixes to get your projects done right.

1. Pulling painter’s tape up after the paint dries.
It’s best to rip it off right after you apply, otherwise the dried latex may come up with the adhesive.

2. You scrub your bushes at the end of each day.
If you haven’t completed your project, you can wrap them in plastic wrap and secure them with a rubber band. The bristles will stay moist and ready to go.


3. You dip your paint brush into the can too far.
There’s no reason to dip it all the way to where the bristles meet metal. Only dip it one-third of the way into the can, otherwise you’ll be wasting paint.

4. Using Latex Paint over Oil-Based Paint.
Unintentionally applying latex paint over an oil-based formula seems like a shortcut, but one that you’ll pay for in the end with peeling and cracking.

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5. Painting a Second Coat Too Soon.
We admit it. When it comes to painting, we want things done ASAP. But applying that all-important second coat before the first layer dries will completely mess up the whole job.

6. Over Applying Paint.
It might seem like it would be better to apply just one thick coat to the wall and call it a day…but that’s where gloppy drips come from.

7. Not Using a Primer.
Whether you’re going from dark to light or just painting over a different type of surface (like wood), a primer really is a must.

Most people look online and in the papers for potential new home, so the pictures and the price are a real eye catcher. The right colour of paint can bring in the buyers!

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Rumour has it that we are supposed to use neutral colours, but does anyone know why? They sit in the background and do not get noticed, making your house invisible to the potential buyers.

If you have trouble selecting a suitable but out-of-the-box colour, you could always ask a professional painter and decorator to help you choose. Absolute Decorating are always happy to help you pick and choose what you need to spruce up any home. We complete work in the Enfield and surrounding areas. Manufacturers have ready made pallets for you to choose from.

If you live in an area that regularly sees sunshine, aim for the brighter colours so your house can shine and be noticed by all passers by.

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An important detail when painting is the prep work. If you want a good paint job, you have to prep the surface first. Things like filling in cracks will make the outside look newly refurbished when you are finished.

A fresh paint a coat can brighten up any home, making it look new. With summer in reach, there’s no reason why we can’t get the ball rolling and get to work. Here are some ideas to spruce up your home!

Adding paint is a great way to freshen up an ordinary-looking fireplace and make it the focal point of the room. You can even paint the existing tile around the fireplace if you’d like. To do so, make sure it is sanded, clean and dry. Then, apply a coat of blocking primer, let it sit overnight and then apply two coats of semigloss latex paint.

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A quick colour change can give an entryway a whole new look, but painting a door isn’t exactly the most fun job on your to-do list.

If your knobs are a little on the boring side, consider replacing them with these vibrant DIY faux malachite knobs by Teal and Lime. Paint them neon and you’ll add a pop of colour that’s sure to give your door a unique personality.

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Whether you want to highlight a specific design feature or just want to add bold colour to your home without a huge commitment, an accent wall adds a unique, dramatic design element. Choose one colour, or pick a fun pattern, like polka dots or an ombre design.

Adding a pattern or print over interior paint creates an instant accent wall…and it’s easy! Just pick out the stencil pattern of your choice from a local craft store and choose a contrasting paint colour you’d like to use. Then, starting with one small section and working your way around the wall, apply the stencil to the area with painter’s tape.

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You can give furniture new life with a fresh coat of paint. You can also change the ‘mood’ or ambiance of a room by changing the colour of furniture or adding a new piece of furniture.

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When deciding what colour you should paint a piece of furniture, one thing to consider is the theme of your room.

Also, look at coming up with ideas from your own inspirations. Do you have a favourite colour that you would like to incorporate into a room?

Also, your personal tastes, such as do you like colours that match or are part of a particular colour scheme, or do you like a variety of colours? You should first consider your project, what you want to achieve, and find your inspiration for the piece of furniture that you are going to paint.


If you have a piece of furniture that you want to really bring attention to, consider painting it a bright colour or a colour that will stand out from the rest of your furniture.

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Another option, if you are looking for a unified look, it too paint furniture with a particular colour scheme that unifies your room. You should also keep in mind when choosing colour hues, that darker colours on furniture will make the piece seem larger and that could not be good for smaller spaces. Lighter colour are usually best for small spaces, as well as perhaps a bright eye-catching colour.

Choosing paint colours for your kid’s bedroom can be challenging, especially with so many different colours and shades available. Older children are likely to want some input on the final choice as well.
Most parents are aware how often kids like to change their mind about things they like and dislike. Characters, television shows or even movies that they adore at a certain age may become their biggest pet peeve the next year, or sometimes even less. This can sometimes happen with their favourite colours, too.

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While it is natural for kids to outgrow things, you may find that repainting their bedroom walls every six months is just not an option. If you’re worried that your nine-year-old daughter may hate her carnation pink bedroom walls by the time she’s 10, you may opt for a neutral colour palette. The nice thing about neutrals is that you can accessorize or accent the room with your child’s favourite colour. Then, when your kid decides green is the bomb and blue is just plain boring, you may only have to update the trim, buy new bedding or change the wallpaper border.


A neutral colour palette may also be the best choice for the woman who was considering Pecan Sandie for her kids’ bedroom walls, since she has a boy and girl who have to share a room. Her son probably wouldn’t go for pink walls and her daughter might not be happy with a blue room. Neutral colours on the walls will allow for more options with bedding and other décor.

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If you are the crafty, do it yourself type and don’t mind the prospect of repainting a room every couple of years, there’s certainly nothing wrong with trying some colour on your child’s bedroom walls. The important thing to keep in mind is that the darker you go, the harder it is to come back and repaint the walls in a lighter colour. Dark paint colours may require several coats of primer before another colour can be painted over them.


If your child chooses a really dark colour, such as midnight blue, deep purple or black, another option you can try is painting just one wall as an accent wall. This is a good way to create a focal point. The wall behind the head of the bed makes a great accent wall.

Another thing to consider when using colour on bedroom walls is that darker colours may make a room appear smaller, where lighter colours tend to give the illusion of more space. Some people also feel that darker colours can give the room a gloomy atmosphere, while others feel that dark colours make a room appear cosy and warm. It is really a matter of personal preference.


Take your kids to your local hardware or home improvement store and let them pick out several sample cards of paint colours. When your daughter asks for purple paint on her walls, there will most likely be many shades of purple she doesn’t like. Bring your sample cards home and try to match the varying shades of each hue with the bedding, window treatments and other décor that will go in the room.


Remember that compromise will also play a role. Painting the entire room in a bright, neon colour may be overwhelming. However, using this same colour as an accent colour could be the solution to a successful collaboration. Get creative with your kids and have fun with it.